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  • What is ReachStream?

ReachStream is a powerful data platform that aids decision making for B2B firms that are trying to grow their business through prospecting and new customer acquisition. We use machine learning and AI algorithms to collate data and insights relevant to decision making in a business context.

The firmographics information available through our platform can assist in identifying new markets, validating ABM strategy and for identifying new leads or accounts. Our massive contact database allows B2B sales and marketing teams reach key decision makers. Direct access to the right target audience drives up conversion and closure rates.

  • How reliable is ReachStream data?

Our data is dual step verified, accurate and up-to-date so that sales teams don’t lose any time on dead end leads. We use statistical models to ensure that we deliver data that consistently meets or exceeds 80% confidence interval. We then overlay human intelligence and manual data verification so that we can offer data that has over 90% accuracy level.

  • How and where does ReachStream get its information?

The data is collated and curated by our machine learning algorithms from various public sources of information such as websites, news, specialty data vendors, social media, crowd-sourcing and more. Our manual data team then applies human intelligence to verify the data gathered which is interpreted by our proprietary technology so that the final available data is of the highest quality and accuracy.

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ReachStream, is optimized for use on Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers.

There are 3 possible paths you can take to start identifying new2leads.

1. Searching by keywords:

2. Searching for Companies:

3. Searching for Individuals/decision makers:

Please contact us using the or email us at support@reachstream.com.

ReachStream gives you an option to import data from a CSV file into ReachStream so that the contacts you have already purchased will be flagged and you do not accidently  purchase them again. The “My Accounts” page then acts as a central repository for your   contact data i.e. the data purchased through ReachStream along with the data imported from your file.

When purchasing new contacts you can check the “hide purchased contacts” checkbox so that only contacts that are not part of you contact repository show in the search results.

There are 3 broad categories by which our customers can search our platform. Within each of these categories there are further refinements and filters available.

1. Search bar: This allows you to search by keywords or any other search term

2. Person: this category helps filter and select individual decision makers/prospects to find your target audience. You can search by the following filters in this category:

3. Industry: this category helps narrow down the industry/field related attributes for a prospect. You can search by the following filters in this category:

4. Location: this category of filters helps customers search by geography. You can search by the following filters in this category:

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The search results have a column with the icon [] as the header. This column indicates whether direct phone numbers are available. By clicking on the [] icon only contacts with direct phone numbers available will be selected.

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Reach Stream allows users to set and save specific search parameters and filters. This allows them to run the same search at a later time or date to retrieve fresh data from our database without wasting time and effort in setting the search parameters again. You can find the “Save” button in the “Advanced Filter” pane of the search screen.

To retrieve the search click on the “Saved Search” button also located in the “Advanced filter” pane under the filter criteria.

Reach Stream offers 2 different approaches for searching for businesses.

1. By NAICS SIC code: customers can enter the NAICS SIC code, or drill down the NAICS SIC code list to select the industry

2. By Keywords: for customers who know specific keywords used in an industry but not the specific NAICS SIC code, we have a proprietary algorithm to match these keywords and display the best matched results. Keywords can be entered in the search bar on top of the search screen or the industry keyword filter can be used in the filter pane of the search screen.



Yes, the SIC code directory is integrated with our platform and can be easily searched.


We offer a variety of digital marketing and data enrichment services to grow your business. To learn more, please visit our Services page

  • How often is Reach Stream Data verified?

Some data updates happen in real-time, while others are dependent on the update frequency of the underlying data sources (daily, weekly, and monthly updates).  In addition, we validate email addresses every 60 days.

You will be able to see a “Last Updated” date on each profile. This reflects the date that was last updated or validated by Reach Stream. The date takes input from multiple sources, including updates from vendor sources, updates submitted by Reach Stream users and updates made by Reach Stream’s content team.

  • What is the turn-around time for delivery of requested information?

Any information accessed through the platform is in real time or instant while services offered or custom-built requests could take anywhere between 24 hours to 6-7 business working days.

  • Is the data you provide safe and as per regulations?

Reach Stream data follows privacy guidelines and regulations as stipulated by law. To learn more about our compliance please visit our Data Compliance and Privacy Policy page.

  • How do I report a data inaccuracy I found?

We dual verify our data in order to provide our customers with the most accurate information. However, in the case you would like to report an inaccuracy or provide us overall feedback please use the feedback form in the support section.

  • How do I become a Partner? 

ReachStream is an ideal partner for you and your clients to increase your sales and marketing reach using the power of accurate and reliable data. We offer a wealth of services, incentives and offers to our partners to help them grow their revenue and profit. To learn more or to become a partner fill out a simple form and we’ll get back to you with the details.


No credit card information is required to start your free trial subscription.

For subscriptions and services under $150, we accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), PayPal & ACH.

For subscriptions and services greater than $150, we only accept PayPal, checks and wire transfers. Please note in the case of check and wire transfer payments, your account will be activated once we have received confirmation of payment.

Note: We do not currently accept payments via PayPal’s eCheck option.

Wire Transfer Instructions:

If you’re making a payment through wire transfer, please complete the payment through your bank before using the link provided by your sales agent to complete checkout. You will be required to enter the wire transfer transaction number and the name of your respective bank in-order to complete the check out.

Check Payment Instructions:

Please have your check no. and name of your respective bank at-hand when using the link provided by your sales agent to complete checkout process. You will be required to enter check no. and bank name to complete check out.

Please contact our support team, we’re available 24/7 to help. Contact us at support@reachstream.com or call us at (800) 523 1387.

Please contact our support team, we’re available 24/7 to help. Contact us at support@reachstream.com or call us at (800) 523 1387.

Each month our customers can purchase a finite number of contacts based on the plan they subscribe to. At the end of the month, the counter resets and there is no carry over or roll over of benefits from one month to another.

You can add the plan of your choice to your cart and check-out following the regular steps. Your upgraded plan will become effective at the start of the next billing cycle and your original plan will be cancelled at the same time. Please contact us at support@reachstream.com or call us at (800) 523 1387 for any further questions regarding upgrade or modifications to your subscription.

We hope that you never have to cancel your subscription with us, but if you would like to discontinue your subscription you can call us at (800) 523 1387.

Note: If you choose to cancel your account for any reason, you will lose access to the system and any saved searches. If you wish to re-subscribe, you will be subject to the subscription plans and pricing that we have available at that time.

  • How is my profile page generated on the ReachStream Directory? How does it benefit me or my business?

A profile page is created on ReachStream by curating and collating publicly available information to create a profile that boosts visibility of businesses and individuals. We SEO optimize profiles and add descriptors to make reaching your business or a key decision maker easy. ReachStream is a great place to list your business so that

  • How do I change details on my profile page? 

We’re working on creating a feature that will allow you to claim and manage your profile on the ReachStream platform. In the meanwhile, you can reach us through customer support if you would like any modification to your profile page.

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