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Build your sales intelligence assets with verified opt-in data that’s ready to operationalize. Our data comprises scope and global coverage to help you secure the best connections that fit your ideal customer criteria. 

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How We Collect Data

  • Research

Feeding raw data inputs from diverse and credible sources into our repository.

  • Transfrmation
Structuring data into meaningful attributes to create our database properties.
  • Verification

7-step verification to generate a comprehensive, complete, and accurate database.

Discover Top Benefits

Benefit of using ReachStream sales prospecting tool

Generate hyper-focused results using custom filters and get up to 20+ data fields containing key information about your prospects.

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You’re in control of the data you see. Browse unlimited profiles and review all selected contacts in a separate tab.

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With up to 95% data accuracy, generate twice the engagement at half the cost. ReachStream has the most affordable rates for teams of all sizes.

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Integrate our data to create highly successful campaigns. Instantly boost deliverability and open rates while significantly reducing bounce rates.

7-Step Data Verification Process

ReachStream follows a methodical 7-step data process supported by manual validations to ensure robust data quality and strict adherence to global data sharing policies. See how we process our data. 

ReachStream Bulletin

We regularly update our data to ensure that it remains accurate and up-to-date. Be the first to get any updates on our data platform, policies and practices to see how they affect you. 

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Data Privacy & Security Standards

Work with secure, compliant B2B data. Our data policies are compliant with rigorously held data privacy & security standards. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will access 20+ data fields with verified and current information of your target profiles. Some of the data fields you will access are name, designation, department, role, organization, official phone and email contact details, fax number, location and ZIP code, organization size, revenue size, industry name and classification, LinkedIn profile, and more. Use our custom filters to select your search criteria.

We collect data from a variety of reputable sources, including publicly available sources, proprietary sources, and third-party providers. Our sources include websites, business registries, seminars, webinars, conferences, news outlets, government records, SEC filings, annual reports, subscription lists, and more. We ensure that the data we collect is complete, accurate, and opt-in validated.

Our database is updated every 3 months using internal ML tools. The process involves validating our database with tests for responsiveness and deliverability, bounce and spam checks, and opt-out removals. Whenever we detect a modification, our database is promptly updated by adding, adjusting, or removing relevant information. We also employ advanced data cleansing and validation techniques to remove any outdated or incorrect information. Each contact profile in our database is published after thorough AI and manual verification.

Yes, our data is GDPR compliant. Our data policy is in line with the global and local data regulations in our key markets, including GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI-CAN-SPAM. We not only adhere to practices mandated by regulatory authorities, but also implement rigorous measures in our data process to ensure safety, confidentiality and consent to the data we collect and store. For more details, check our privacy policy.
The opt-in process involves a positive action taken by the user to authorize us to collect and store their business information. When a user agrees to have their data processed by a company, it signifies their decision to opt in.
Our database is 100% opt-in validated. Our opt-in process involves AB tested opt-in email campaigns, following which we send opt-out mailers to our shortlisted contacts. This is further followed by tele-verification campaigns to confirm consent to all data fields. Additionally, we monitor and update our database to remove any contacts who have opted out, ensuring that our clients only communicate with engaged and interested prospects.

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